softball hitting rhythm muscle memory

Softball Hitting: Rhythm and Muscle Memory

Rhythm doesn’t just happen – it has to be created. Rhythm and sequence must be practiced every day so that it becomes a smooth, automatic process. Muscle memory is the same thing. In order to create muscle memory, your visual system has to be in sync with the physical movements of your body. Softball Hitting: […]

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Softball Hitting Mechanics & the Visual System of the Body

The Visual System of the Body refers to visual cues, depth perception and field of vision. In today’s video blog post, we are discussing how the visual system of the body plays into your softball hitting mechanics. Softball Hitting Mechanics and the Visual System of the Body The eyes are the strongest tool in your […]

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Softball Pitching: Up Pitches & The Low and High Rise Ball

What makes the Rise Ball a very effective tool is if your pitcher can throw it at different heights. A low rise ball is very effective for a first pitch strike or to use to come back when you are behind. The batter is often fooled into thinking it is a down pitch or a […]

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the drop curve softball pitching drill2

The Drop Curve Softball Pitching Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the Drop Curve softball pitching drill. You’ll see what the pitch looks like through your hip, as well as in real time. It’s very similar to the regular drop, but has a different finish. We also have a comparison of different pitchers throwing the same pitch and […]

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the rope drill softball pitching drill

Softball Pitching Drill: The Rope Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a fantastic pitching drill using a rope to create a drop line. This is an excellent pitching drill that allows your pitcher to work with a visual of where she wants the ball to drop. The goal of this drill is for the pitcher to throw the […]

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