10 Keys to an Effective Softball Swing

In this article, we are going to illustrate 10 keys to an effective softball swing. Practicing these mechanics will help any hitter develop more bat speed, more power, and more consistency at the plate. You’ll notice that these keys include both a “linear” move – which loads up the body prior to the swing, and…

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Softball Hitting: Back Arm Mechanics


It’s important for players to understand what happens to their back arm during the swing in softball hitting. A great introduction is to teach your players to think about throwing side arm – when that front heel comes down, you lead with your back elbow and push the back leg to transfer your weight from…

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Softball Bunting & Bunt Demonstrations


Softball bunting is a very valuable skill for any players to practice!  A special type of offensive technique in softball, in a bunt play, the batter loosely holds the bat in front of the plate and intentionally taps the ball into play.  Along with stealing bases, bunting to move runners into scoring position is a…

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Mental Hitting Drills for Softball

Are you spending enough time working on the mental aspects of hitting with your softball team? In this post, we’ll cover some mental hitting basics, and five simple mental hitting drills you can use to boost your hitter’s success. Mental Hitting Basics The most important part of a strong mental game is confidence. A confident hitter is…

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“Foul Fly Ball” Fielding Drill

foul fly ball fielding drill

In this fielding drill, you’re going to make sure all your players get practice on both 3rd and 1st bases.  The techniques are similar, but simply the inverse of the other. Execution: Once the ball is hit up into foul territory, the infielder will stay under the ball, keeping their eyes on it and their…

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