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Hitting Mechanics: Negative/Postive Movement

There are 2 major parts in the swing – getting ready to swing, and the swing itself. A proper swing is made up of these key mechanics: stance, negative move, positive move, toe touch and heel plant. We talked about stance in a previous hitting mechanics article, which you can find here. In today’s article,…

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Isometric Bat Speed Drill

Isometrics are a type of strengthening exercise where the muscles are put in static positions, instead of being dynamic through a range of motion. This bat speed drill is GREAT for building strength in the arms and shoulders, and will quickly translate into a quicker bat. NOTE: if you’re looking for more hitting drills to…

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Key Points of Softball Hitting: Stance

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about some of the key points of softball hitting as they relate to the stance. Check out this great checklist of things to focus on as you are preparing to swing and hit that ball. Key Points of Softball Hitting: Stance You are going to notice that…

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Alternate Ways To Teach The Change-Up Pitch to Young Players

The Change-Up pitch is particularly interesting because it’s almost always the second pitch a pitcher learns, after the basic fastball. And it can be devastating. Because hitting is about timing, and pitching is about upsetting timing. What better way to do that than throw a pitch that looks like it will be fast but comes…

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softball hitting drills for timing the pitch

Softball Hitting Drills for Timing the Pitch

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some excellent softball hitting drills are going to help you work on timing of a pitch. As you know, in Phase 1 or the Stride phase, the hands have to stay back – especially when you are going after an outside pitch, an off speed or a…

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