Softball Hitting & Shadow Bunting


Shadow Bunting: What Is It? Shadow bunting refers to having a backup hitter doing what the on-deck hitter is doing. If you have a lot of kids that you are trying to work on bunting with, you can have your hitter shadowing your on-deck hitter and you can have a second on-deck person shadow bunting…

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3 Softball Pitching Drills for Accuracy!

pitching drills for accurac

Check out these 3 killer softball pitching drills for accuracy that we have compiled!  Use them in your next practice and then come back and share your results! Softball Pitching Drills – “Hit the Bucket” Drill Pull out first base and put a 3-4 ft wooden pole (old broomstick or shovel handle) into the base…

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5 Awesome Indoor Conditioning Drills for your Softball Practice!


Conditioning drills can help your players reach their fullest potential. Softball conditioning can include plyometric and agility workouts for power and quickness and tempo runs to improve aerobic fitness and aid recovery. You often find yourself in a situation that will force you to hold your practice indoors. I have put together 5 awesome indoor…

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Partner Toss Hitting Drill

partner toss hitting drill

In the following hitting drill sequence, we are going to demonstrate how you can include a partner who is going to toss the ball to the hitter. Now the batter has to read the ball coming up into the zone. Video Demonstration Timing is going to come into place in this hitting drill – the…

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Softball Hitting: Hitting the Inside Pitch

softball hitting inside pitch

You can use the double tee to work on the inside zone of the pitch, or hitting the Inside Pitch.  In this softball hitting drill using the double tee, the tee closest to the hitter is placed right around the middle of the plate. The taller tee is placed out in front to bring contact…

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