Coaching Tips Coed Softball

These ideas for coaching tips coed softball are courtesy of my readers, Brad and Doug.  Keep the ideas coming!Coaching Tips Coed Softball

From Brad…
One softball drill that I use to help with throwing accuracy from the outfield or from the infield to home plate is the use of a 5-gallon bucket laying down on the plate.  Fielders must throw so that the ball enters the bucket. The throw may bounce or do so on the fly….just as long as the throw is accurate enough to enter the bucket.

From Doug…
I have two drills I like.

For fielding, have the kids take off their cap and hold it in their mouth (biting on the bill of the cap) then roll or hit soft grounders to them.  This forces them to field the ball in front of them, and not wait until the ball gets between their legs to try and stop it….works great.

For batting get a bag of uncooked beans (the little white ones) and toss them to the kids (about 10 feet away).  The kids hit away at the beans. Even though they are small, and don’t fly straight you’ll be suprised how fast the kids learn to hit them, developing their “batter’s eye.”

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