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More Softball Fundamentals & Tips for Pre-Practice!

When we talk about softball fundamentals for pre-practice, it’s important to pay close attention to these key points in this phase of your drill progression: 1. Emphasize that the players keep their head down on the ball – they have to trust their glove, and this is difficult when you are a youth player. 2.…

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“Left and Right” Softball Fielding Drill

When working on softball fielding techniques, it’s important to include drills that work on pushing your fielders to the left or right. This is the ball where you work on pivoting while fielding the backhand and the forehand, with both the left foot and the right foot forward. This is important because you never know…

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Catch & Throw (On The Knees) Fielding Drill

This fielding drill is just an extension of a game of Catch and Throw. If you can master this fielding drill, and have consistent rhythm in everything you do regarding your fielding, your percentage in fielding goes up. It’s when we begin doing different things when we are fielding that we’re not in control of,…

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3 catcher drills for softball 2

3 Fantastic Catcher Drills for Softball!

Even for the fan that walks up and watches a fast pitch softball game for the very first time, it’s easy to see how important the catcher is. What seems like a very simplistic position is, in fact, very complex. But very few people understand the complex training that it takes to develop a great…

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Softball Drills for Indoor Training and Conditioning!

Check out today’s video blog post, where I am sharing some awesome indoor softball drills for training and conditioning that you can use in your next softball practice – rain or shine! Softball Drills: Indoor Defense “Three-Person Intensity” Drill This defensive drill is called our three-person intensity drill and it works on fielding, throwing, catching,…

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