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In this section you’ll find softball defensive drills for all the positions on your team. You’ll also discover softball defensive drills for specific game situations.

“Foul Fly Ball” Fielding Drill

foul fly ball fielding drill

In this fielding drill, you’re going to make sure all your players get practice on both 3rd and 1st bases.  The techniques are similar, but simply the inverse of the other. Execution: Once the ball is hit up into foul territory, the infielder will stay under the ball, keeping their eyes on it and their…

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Softball Fielding: The Flip Drill

softball fielding the flip drill

This softball fielding drill focuses on the wrist flip during the throw. Adding a wrist flip will add an arc to the throw for more distance and accuracy. Set Up Have 2 players face each other at about 15-20 feet apart. The first player will hold the ball with the throwing elbow on the glove…

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Softball Fielding Fundamentals: “Balance Drill” for Fielding


This is a great softball fielding drill to check if your fielders are totally balanced when they get ready to field the ball. You are going to work on fielding that ball with your footwork lined up to the base that you are throwing to. This softball fielding drill may seem like the basic fundamentals,…

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Fielding Fundamentals: Approaching The Ground Ball


When it comes to fielding the ball, all players want to be able to pick up the ball cleanly, 100% of the time. What keeps a player from doing that is just a few things that they do wrong.   In today’s blog post, we talk about some of the defensive weaknesses that you need to…

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The “Bowl Of Soup” Technique for Fielding Ground Balls

softball fielding bowl of soup

The “Bowl Of Soup” is an important technique that all of your players need to understand and implement when they are fielding the ball. Setup Players should begin with a good athletic position (which means a slight bend at the hips and a slight bend in the leg in a balanced position, so that the…

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