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There is an important progression that must be observed when developing pitchers through softball pitching drills. Begin with mechanics, and work on speed. If the pitcher posesses those 2 qualities, control will come naturally. Be sure to emphasize this progression in your softball pitching drills.

Inning Spot Work Pitching Drill


Purpose The purpose of this softball pitching drill is to increase the strength of the arm, endurance, and accuracy as you practice under a game-like intensity scenario. Set Up Once your pitcher is warmed up, we want to simulate her pitching in an inning. Each inning consists of 21 pitches, and she’ll rotate through all…

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The Add-on Drill for Softball Pitching


Purpose The purpose of this softball pitching drill is to increase the strength of the arm, endurance, and accuracy. Breakdown Have your pitcher start at the pitcher’s mound and throw two pitches. If she can throw it to the target with ease, she backs up two steps and throws one to two pitches. Again, if…

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The Basics of Windmill Pitching + A Pitching Drill for Beginners!


To become a great pitcher, you have to take the time to learn every aspect of the windmill pitching technique, because in order to hit a high speed with your pitch, you will need to throw the ball with a windmill motion.  In today’s blog post, we are breaking down the windmill mechanics and demonstrating…

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The Flamingo Drill for Softball Pitching


Purpose This softball pitching drill works on the push off and driving into your target. Set Up Your pitcher should start on the non-glove-side foot. She’ll need a little bit of rock to generate the forward motion. Breakdown As your pitcher does this drill, remember the open door, closed door. She should start to close…

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3 Softball Pitching Drills for Accuracy!

pitching drills for accurac

Check out these 3 killer softball pitching drills for accuracy that we have compiled!  Use them in your next practice and then come back and share your results! Softball Pitching Drills – “Hit the Bucket” Drill Pull out first base and put a 3-4 ft wooden pole (old broomstick or shovel handle) into the base…

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