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Alternate Ways To Teach The Change-Up Pitch to Young Players

The Change-Up pitch is particularly interesting because it’s almost always the second pitch a pitcher learns, after the basic fastball. And it can be devastating. Because hitting is about timing, and pitching is about upsetting timing. What better way to do that than throw a pitch that looks like it will be fast but comes…

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3 Softball Pitching Drills for Drive, Energy & Momentum!

In today’s video blog post, we are discussing softball pitching drills that will help your athletes work on establishing and maintaining a powerful push-off and drive into the target. The drills included below focus on generating energy and momentum — the build-up to throwing fast pitches. They will also help your pitcher improve her accuracy…

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change up pitch for youonger players

The Change Up Pitch for the Younger Softball Player

The changeup is an off speed pitch that is usually thrown to look like a fastball, but arrives slower to the plate. Its reduced speed coupled with its deceptive delivery is meant to confuse the batter’s timing. It is thrown the same as a fastball, but farther back in the hand, which makes its release…

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change up softball pitching points

Change-Up Softball Pitching Points to Remember!

In today’s video blog post, we are going to go over some simple change-up softball pitching points to remember. Change-Up Softball Pitching Points to Remember! Once your players get their basic fundamentals down, and they can throw a good, hard fast ball, and hit their spots with it, you can start working on change-ups. As…

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The “Time-Set” Pitching Drill for Inside/Outside Pitches

Just as you don’t want to throw every pitch outside, you don’t want to make every pitch to the inside of the plate either. You need to have a good variety of pitches both inside and outside, and you need to throw both fastballs and off-speed pitches to both corners. For example, pitching inside makes…

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