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Developing an aggressive baserunning strategy can be a major offensive weapon for your softball team. These drills will help teach the fundamental techniques to help your players master the skill of baserunning.

Baserunning Drills: From 1st Base to Home Plate

baserunning drills 1st base to home

Baserunning Drills: From 1st Base to Home Plate Have you ever asked how you can become a better base runner? The answer isn’t as simple as being fast.  It’s also about being smarter on the base paths.  At all times, you need to know the number of outs in the inning because this will affect…

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Softball Baserunning: Third Base to Home

baserunning third base 2

You’ve got a runner on third base and she’s about to score. What does she need to know about her leads, about tagging up and protecting herself in this position? Today’s Baserunning Essentials video blog post is all about leaving third base and heading for home plate! Baserunning Essentials: Third Base to Home The rocker…

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Softball Baserunning: Leaving Second

baserunning LEAVING SECOND

Baserunning Essentials: Leaving Second Whenever you get to second base, think “Score”. Your lead needs to be such that you have ample opportunity to take two bases. When leaving second base, you are going to use your basic rocker step, and leave the base at the top of the pitchers windup. Leaving at the top…

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Softball Baserunning: Run and Check from 1st Base

baserunning run and check 1st

Today, we continue our softball baserunning discussion with a quick exercise called “Run and Check from 1st Base”. Softball Baserunning: Run and Check from 1st Base The most important thing for your athlete to remember is that as she gets onto first base and takes her lead for 2nd, at about half way between 1st…

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Softball Baserunning: Learning To Slide

baserunning learning to slide

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about baserunning and the importance of sliding. I’ll also share some fantastic slide conditioning baserunning exercises that you can incorporpate into your next practice! Softball Baserunning: Learning To Slide Sliding is a skill that needs to be taught because it does not come natural to all young…

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