Small Glove & Small Ball Training for Fielding Defense


When fielding, most softball players use an 11 ¼ glove to a 13 inch glove, depending on the position that you play.  With our small glove training, we can focus on a smaller target and a smaller ball, and being able to get down on the ball because of the short fingers of the glove,…

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Building A Strong Fielding Stance


This is a great fielding stance drill that helps your players work on establishing a good athletic base and fielding the ball out in front. Set Up Note: Not all players are the same size, so make sure you have enough cones to set up for your shorter players vs. your taller players. To set…

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Softball Hitting Errors: How To Fix The Collapsing Front Leg


The Collapsing Front Leg upon stride phase is another common softball hitting problem that you see in many players.  If not addressed early, it can continue to be a problem as the player advances in levels. A collapsing front leg occurs when the batter, upon stride phase, collapses that front leg, placing all of her…

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The Stride Box Hitting Drill

We know from watching a softball swing in slow motion that the toe opens up and the hips start to snap through in the swing. The Stride Box drill is an excellent hitting drill to help address the issue of opening the toe too soon.   The key in this hitting drill is to make sure…

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A Catcher Drill to Warm Up – The RIGHT Way!

catcher warm up drill

Purpose This warm-up catcher drill is something that your catcher should do to get her arm warm prior to doing any other drills during practice, so that injury does not occur. It should take your catcher between ten and twenty minutes to warm up her arm. Set Up This catcher drill starts at approximately twenty-five…

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