Softball Hitting – Slapping Mechanics

Are you using slap hitting with your team right now? If not, you need to start – it’s one of the most powerful softball hitting strategies you can master.

This video will show you an easy step by step method for teaching slap hitting mechanics to your players. Some of what you’ll learn…

  • The exact footwork, arm position and swing path to use…
  • A great 4-ball drill that ensures your girls get the proper plate coverage…
  • The best location to PLACE your slap hits…

And a lot more.

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Recommended Resource: “Short Game Secrets” online video clinic. Learn how to dominate your competition with wickedly effective slap hitting, bunting, and aggressive baserunning! Discover a simple, step by step formula for putting more pressure on the defense, manufacturing more runs, and winning more softball games.


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  1. vicki bingley says:

    very good video like the drill with the balls. you can do the foot movement with the drop step and the other is just a turn of the front foot and than a crossover step of the back foot to get into the hitting position i teach both as some girls are more comfortable with one over the other. find both work need to know a little more about the right hand slap soft and hard do you have anything on this

  2. Coach Alex says:

    appreciate the basic fundamentals, can we get some more break downs of other needed basics, like batting? The correct way…Thx

  3. Robert Rodriguez says:

    Great tutorial on the basics of slapping, I am also interested in the purpose of the fist “backward” step shown as I feel it reverts a batter backwards and does not keep them on their toes for the outside or high pitch that a good pitcher should be throwing when they see a slapper.

  4. Steve S. says:

    Good drill with the balls to explain right path! I do not teach a drop step first, I believe this is a wasted move and puts many players on top of the plate.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks for the feedback Steve. I’m interested in your teaching progression… feel free to jot it down here so me and the other coaches in our community can check it out?

  5. Will says:

    I like the breakdown step by step showing the mechanics of the lower body and upper body as well. very good teaching tool that I have already shared with my team. Can I post this to Facebook?

  6. Missy says:

    Great video. Really love the emails and keep sending more info on slapping if you have it. I will be checking out the Short game clinic too.

  7. Coach Sarah says:

    Becky – good explanation. I like the 4-ball drill as it will reinforce that straight ahead path and make sure the girls don’t leak out towards first base before making contact. Love your emails and please keep the coming.

  8. Roger Templeton says:

    Already passed this along to my daughter who is 13 and learning to slap. This will definitely help with some of the footwork and timing issues she’s been having. Appreciate the post. – Roger

  9. Tina says:

    I like the breakdown of feetwork, hand position etc. Useful video that I will share with my fellow coaches and players. Thansk!

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