To teach players how to back up and cover infield throws

Drill Setup

  • Divide players into 3 groups, with each group forming a line in the outfield – left, center, and right field
  • Coach is at home base with a bucket of balls

How it Works

  1. First player in each line steps up in ready stance, then coach hits a ball through the infield.
  2. Left fielder and center fielder simulate getting behind the infielder to cover in case of an error while right fielder covers 1st base.
  3. Closest to ball between left and center fielder corrals ball and makes the throw to the right fielder at 1st base.
  4. Fielders rotate one line over after each at bat.

Coaching Tips

  • If you don`t have an infield available, you can throw down 3 cones 60 feet apart to create your own for the purposes of this drill.
  • Make sure to mix in a bunt here or there! Gotta keep the fielders on their toes. In the case of a bunt , all 3 fielders will run to cover closest base.
  • You can also start to mix in different combination of runners on base to present different game situations.

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