Helps players learn to read the pitcher and infielders, and get a great jump on the delayed steal.

Set Up

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or set up a first base and second base in the outfield the appropriate distance apart.
  • Coach stands on the pitcher’s mound.
  • Players line up at first base.
Baserunners take second base on a delayed steal


  1. The first player in line steps up to first and stands in a “ready” position on the bag, similar to a starting position in a track meet.
  2. The coach will simulate a wind up and pitch.
  3. As the coach releases the pitch, the baserunner will take three shuffle steps, then sprint hard and slide into second base.
  4. Repeat with the next player in line

Coaching Tips

  • The delay steal is most effective when the middle infielders don’t move toward second base after each pitch. Or if the catcher is throwing from her knees, or being lazy getting the ball back to the pitcher.
  • The shuffle steps allow the baserunner to move toward second without over-committing. If the catcher is alert and the middle infielders move toward the bag, the baserunner can easily shift gears and get back to first.