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One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced softball coaches make is not having a plan. Softball practice plans should always be defined in advance, reviewed before practice, and referred to throughout the session. Having a pre-designed softball practice plan will save the stress of “on the fly” coaching and provide a much better learning and training experience for the players.

8 Hitting Station Ideas For Your Next Softball Practice!


Hitting Stations allow you to maximize the number of players you can have working on their hitting at the same time. Plus, by working at hitting stations, you can focus on hitting in a more compact way while you emphasize certain aspects, such as skills that improve a hitters vision, hitting power, or specific techniques.…

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Softball Speed Drills: The Explosive Power Pack


  Straight-ahead speed. Quickness. Agility. Balance. These are all skills that you need to be able to play better softball. If we can make better athletes, we can make better softball players. Softball Speed Drills: The Explosive Power Pack Softball is a game of pure acceleration. We’ve put together a list of some of our…

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Softball Hitting Drills for Timing the Pitch

softball hitting drills for timing the pitch

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some excellent softball hitting drills are going to help you work on timing of a pitch. As you know, in Phase 1 or the Stride phase, the hands have to stay back – especially when you are going after an outside pitch, an off speed or a…

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Softball Coaching: Creating a Softball Fielding Practice Plan


As a coach, when you’re working on the defensive game, the key is to make sure you always go through a progression of drills before you start actual game situation drills. In today’s blog post, we quickly break down how to create a successful softball fielding practice plan. Softball Coaching: Creating a Softball Fielding Practice…

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Softball Conditioning: The “Star Drill” and “Relay Races”

awesome softball conditioning drills

Softball Conditioning: The “Star Drill” and “Relay Races” In this video, I am sharing some fantastic drill ideas for softball conditioning. The first is called the “Star Drill”, and you will need 5 players for this one!  And then I’ve got an awesome relay race that your players are going to love! The Star Drill…

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