Getting the runner header from first to second out

Drill Setup

  • Split players into 3 lines, 1 line at shortstop, 1 line at 2nd, and a 3rd line of runners at 1st base

How it Works

  1. Drill starts with coach hitting a ground ball to either fielder.
  2. The runner takes off for 2nd while the closest fielder chases down the grounder and his teammate covers 2nd base.
  3. Fielder throws to teammate at 2nd to get the runner out to finish the rep.
  4. Fielders head to back of opposite line, runners rotate out to a shortstop line after 2 turns.

Coaching Tips

  • Whether it’s the 2nd baseman or the shortstop, the fielder covering 2nd needs to make sure they are catching the ball in a safe position, away from the runner coming in to 2nd from 1st.
  • This drill doubles as a great baserunning drill – make sure players are using proper baserunning technique and running the path hard!

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