If you’re in search of [tag]free fastpitch softball drills[/tag], here are a couple of easy and effective [tag]softball drills[/tag] to try.   The players love these and their increased skills make these ones to use often.

This first one is a [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag]. Tape paper plates to the backstop about 6 feet off the ground.   Have the girls throw from 15 ft, then from 30 ft, then back to 15 ft.   My goal is to get them to throw more accurately and to stop throwing a rainbow.   They ask me every practice to do it.   I find this especially helpful with younger players.

A good [tag]softball batting drill[/tag] is to have the batter stand facing or parallel to the backstop and then to get 1 bat length away from the fence.   Then the batter swings without hitting the fence.   Next turn the batter so that she is perpendicular to the fence. Put her back foot 2-3 inches from the fence.   The batter has to swing without hitting the fence.Free Fastpitch Softball Drills

The idea of both was to get the hips turned & to take the end of the bat to the softball.   We had been striking out a lot and we were swinging late. This [tag]softball[/tag] drill or instruction helped out a lot since it got the bat to the hitting area a lot quicker.