To improve a player’s baserunning and work on reading the 1st base coach

Drill Setup

  • Players form a line at home plate
  • Coach stands in 1st base coach’s box

How it Works

  1. First player in line takes off for 1st base on Coach’s command
  2. As player closes in coach will shout either Overrun, Round or Go

Overrun means the player will run right through 1st base to leg out a close throw

Round means the player rounds 1st and takes a couple steps towards 2nd, before retreating back to 1st

Go means the player legs out the double

Coaching Tips

  1. For more difficult challenge, you can roll the ball into the outfield and have the baserunner react to game-like situations
  2. No infield? No problem! Just setup 3 cones to simulate the basepath and you’re all set!

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