Step & Launch


Players get to practice their throwing, catching, pivoting and hand-eye coordination in this game-situation drill.

Set up

Place a player at each base

Have the extra players form a line behind third base so they can rotate in


1.  This is a continuous drill with players rotating into their new spots.

2.  The player at third base will start off with the ball. This player will roll the ball towards the player at home.

3.  The player at home plays the ground ball and throws the ball to the player at second base, who catches the ball and rolls it to the player at first base.

4.  The player at first base throws the ball to the new third base player who rotated in.

5.  After each roll or throw, players replace the person they just rolled or threw to.

Coaching Tips

Make sure the players are stepping into the direction they are throwing.

It is helpful at the beginning for all players to call out where the ball should be thrown or rolled to.
Players need to secure the catch before rolling or throwing the ball for complete ball control.

Make It Easier

Shorten the distance between the bases.

Make It Harder

Keep the distance between the bases at 60 feet. Also, see how many throws they can make in a row with no errors.