To work on swing mechanics in a controlled environment

Drill Setup

  • Hitter steps into batter’s box with bat
  • Coach kneels off to the side with a bucket of balls, about 10-12 feet in front of the batter at an angle 2-3
  • Fielders spread out and another player to catch the balls for the coach as they are thrown back to him by the fielders

How it Works

  1. Coach lofts balls underhand to batter
  2. Batter makes good contact and drives the ball
  3. Fielders collect balls and throw them back to teammate acting as coach’s catcher

Coaching Tips

  • Coach should be aiming to loft the ball so that it lands in the dirt in front of the batter’s feet
  • As players get more comfortable with the drill, you can begin to play with pitch location and speed to increase the challenge
  • Don’t forget that whiffle balls make for a great replacement when you want to work on skills but don’t have the space or equpiment necessary

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