Here’s a great video clip from 11-time NCAA champion Sue Enquist. She explains her approach for teaching the “Swing” phase of hitting mechanics – something she calls “Phase 3.” Check out the complete Softball Hitting Mechanics online clinic if you’d like to see the full 48 minute video.

Here’s a quick summary of how she teaches it:

  1. Maintain a slight bend in the elbow and a bend in the wrist
  2. Sequentially unlock front shoulder, elbow and wrist
  3. Keep the hands inside the path of the ball with the wrists cocked
  4. The hands lead the barrel of the bat
  5. Place the barrel of the bat on the path of the ball as soon as possible
  6. Upon contact, open up the hips, extend the arms, and snap the wrists
  7. Upon follow through, open the front toe slightly
  8. Keep the head still throughout the entire swing

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