In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some incredible softball plyometric drills that will greatly improve your speed and power.

Softball Plyometric Drills for Explosive Power!

Tuck Jumps

  • Jump two feet moving forward, and bringing the knees to at least hip height.
  • If your players can bring the knees up higher, encourage them to do so!
  • Use the arms for momentum and keep the core solid so you bounce off the ground.
  • You don’t want to spend any time on the ground. You want to be quick.
  • Do three sets of five to 10 jumps.

Hitch Hops

  • This is a one-legged hop that simulates running motion.
  • Bring the knee and heel up as you bounce on one foot.
  • Do three sets of five to 10 hops.
  • Begin easy, and then progress into more repetitions as you go.
  • Be sure to work both legs equally – one leg down and one leg back. This way, you won’t get too fatigued or tired.
  • Remember, the purpose of this drill is explosiveness. This simulates the power we need for great acceleration and speed.


  • We want to extend our running motion by driving the knee up, and bringing the heel and the toe up.
  • Cock and load the foot so it can explode off the ground.
  • Count each leg contact.
  • Do three to five sets, with each set being three to five with each leg.


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