This throwing drill is a challenging, fun game we play during our practices to work on our throwing accuracy. We keep score during this throwing drill, and your athletes will really love it!

Target Throwing Drill to Improve Softball Accuracy

We begin the throwing drill by setting up a protective screen, and if you don’t have a screen you can set up any type of protective stop (you could use an outfield fence!).

Then you want to set up three buckets, as seen in the video above.

You have one player in the middle, and they will throw the ball to the outfielder, who then charges in, uses her proper footwork and aims at the target.

If she hits the top bucket, we give her a point. If she hits either of the bottom buckets, this is good throwing, but we don’t give her a point, because we are aiming for that top bucket.

We give them very specific instructions: the ball can’t hit the ground first, and it has to only hit that top bucket.

This throwing drill is working on a lot if different things. It’s working on charging the ball — the runner is going and they are trying to throw someone out under pressure, and get the footwork coordinated with the whole skill movement.


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