If you’re looking for [tag]softball skills and drills[/tag] try the drills below.   They are quick, easy and the results are worth the effort.   You’ll keep your players busy and their attention focused.

One of the [tag]softball[/tag] drills I run is a quad toss.   You take four players and set them into a cube formation roughly 10 feet apart.   One of the players rolls a grounder to the player on her left who picks it up and flips it to the next person like you are practicing for a double play.

Works on pulling the glove back and good food work.   Then I will have them go to the right where they practice backhanded flips.   Same thing—practicing on foot work and the back hand as they go.   Now, if they get to feeling good about themselves, add another ball which causes the pace on it’s own to quicken up.

Another drill- I have my players do soft-toss with TWO balls.   They toss both softballs at the same time and say “top” or “bottom”.   The hitter then has to react quickly and hit the ball called.

This is a good easy transition from plain soft-toss.   Easy to learn, as it doesn’t really change drills from soft-toss, and it works on quick reflexes and great hand-eye coordination.