Tee Drill

Elevate your swing with our Tee Drill guide, designed to refine your batting stance and enhance contact with the ball.

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Flat Bat Softball Hitting Drill

Flat Bat Drill

This is a great drill for teaching the batter to hit "three softballs" - this means she should be swinging along the plane of the ball for a distance of three softballs. She should not be upper-cutting (pop up) or rolling over on the ball (ground ball).

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Step Drill Softball Hitting Drill

Step Drill

This drill prevents batter from stepping out during her swing. It's better to use something soft like a bat parachute or towel instead of something hard and potentially dangerous like a bucket or a ladder. You just want the batter to be aware of what they are doing.

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Tee Derby

This drill helps kids understand the importance of the weight shift when generating power. When done correctly, this drill will demonstrate that a level or downward swing plane actually drive the ball further than an uppercutting swing.

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