Increase bat speed through underloaded training. This also makes a great warm-up drill.

Set Up

  • Take an old or cracked bat. Saw it off just above the trademark and attach a hand towel to the end with a corkscrew.
towel bat softball hitting drill
Swing the towel bat to activate fast-twitch muscle fibers.


  1. Take warm-up swings with the towel bat.
  2. Try to snap the towel through the zone

Coaching Tips

  • Swinging a light towel bat gets the fast- twitch muscle fibers to fire – you need these muscle fibers to hit a softball.
  • Hitter should be “popping” her hands as she swings.
  • You can use a weighted bat first to loosen up the body, then switch to the towel bat to really engage those fast-twitch muscle fibers.