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There is an important progression that must be observed when developing pitchers through softball pitching drills. Begin with mechanics, and work on speed. If the pitcher posesses those 2 qualities, control will come naturally. Be sure to emphasize this progression in your softball pitching drills.

“Time-Set” Pitching Drill for Inside/Outside Pitches

Just as you don’t want to throw every pitch outside, you don’t want to make every pitch to the inside of the plate either. You need to have a good variety of pitches both inside and outside, and you need to throw both fastballs and off-speed pitches to both corners. For example, pitching inside makes…

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The Walk Through Pitching Drill

This pitching drill is a transition drill, that can be done with either the regular ball or the weighted ball, with the pitcher throwing from a distance that is about ¾ of the length to the plate. The pitcher is only going to throw at about 70-80% at this distance, and focus on working on…

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The Peel Drop Ball Pitching Drill

In today’s video blog post, I am sharing an awesome pitching drill for working on the “Peel Drop Ball” pitch.  The Peel Drop Ball is a very easy transition for a lot of girls because it is very similar to the Fast Ball pitch. The Peel Drop Ball Pitching Drill The grip is the same…

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Windmill Pitching Drills for Beginners

In today’s video blog post, we are going to continue talking about windmill pitching, and some windmill pitching drills you can incorporate into your softball practice plan today! Windmill Pitching Drills for Beginners These drills will help work on muscle memory. So that when your pitchers actually do the circle in the open door position,…

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The Screwing Fast Ball Pitch: A Video Tutorial!

In today’s pitching mechanics video, we are breaking down a great pitch that is very easy for young pitchers to learn and it has good movement on it – the Screwing Fast Ball. Pitching Mechanics: The Screwing Fast Ball Pitch This pitch is very similar to the fast ball, with just a little bit different…

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