Walk Through From Distance Softball Pitching Drill

Walk Through From Distance

Purpose Helps pitchers develop arm and leg strength for greater velocity on pitches. Drill Setup Pitcher stands roughly double the regular pitching distance away from the Catcher (70-80 feet) How it Works Pitcher

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Critique The Pitch Softball Pitching Drill

Critique The Pitch Drill

Purpose Helps pitcher correct flaws in delivery. Drill Setup Pitcher stands on the rubber. Catcher is behind home plate. (35-40 feet away) How it Works Pitcher goes through normal motion and throws the

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Knee Drill for Pitching

Purpose Teaches pitcher to stay in balance while executing the windmill arm motion. Set Up Pitcher gets on knees in front of a wall, fence, net or catcher. Coach stands nearby. Instructions 1. Pitcher,

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3 Minute Drill

Purpose In this drill, the pitcher focuses on develops=ing arm speed and endurance. Set Up Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away). A coach or player stands nearby with a bucket

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Pops Pitching Drill

gPurpose This drill helps pitchers develop power by removing the stride Set Up Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away) or just behind it to start. Catcher is behind home plate. Instructions Pitcher

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