Hit The Water Bottle


Pitchers will form a line at the pitcher’s mound and try to knock over a water bottle at home plate in this fun pitching drill.

Set up

Pitchers will form a line at the mound

Each player will get one pitch

After they pitch, they go to the end of the line to wait for their turn


1.  The player’s objective is to knock over the water bottle standing on home plate.

2. This drill is designed to improve the player’s aim and control while pitching.

3. After each pitch, they go to the end of the line and the next player will go.

4. Each time they knock over the bottle, they get one point.

5. The player with the most points wins that round.

6. The catcher will retrieve the ball after each pitch.

Coaching Tips

The pitcher needs to have ball control with a good step forward and follow through.
The pitcher should throw the ball normally, not slow their pitches down.
Hip action is important to assist with the follow-through.

Make It Easier

Place multiple water bottles on home plate.

Make It Harder

Place a single water bottle on home plate.