Helps pitchers develop power and velocity

Set Up

  • Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away).
  • A coach or player stands beside the pitcher to feed her the balls. Catcher is behind home plate.


  1. Pitcher alternates throwing a regular softball and a weighted ball. She can alternate every pitch or throw two regular balls, then two weighted balls, etc.
  2. Pitcher walks through the delivery to home meaning she starts behind the rubber and takes a step forward onto it to begin her motion.
  3. Complete 10-15 pitches with each ball
1. Start behind the mound. 2. Step forward into back swing. 3. Windup. 4. Release and follow through

Coaching Tips

  • Player should be landing on the balls of her feet.
  • The weighted ball should be thrown at 75% power
  • The regular ball should be thrown at 100% power