Pitchers develop forearm and wrist strength. They also improve timing of lower body and upper body.

Drill Setup

  • Pitchers stand at three-quarters of regular pitching distance (25-30 feet) holding a weighted ball.
  • Catcher is standing up.

full swing with weighted ball

How it Works

  1. Pitchers now take their full pitching wind-up and throw the weighted ball to the catcher.
  2. Catcher throws the ball back and pitcher repeats the motion.
  3. Complete 3 sets of 5-10 pitches

Coaching Tips

  • The weighted ball can be purchased from a sporting goods store. Or you can make your own by driving finishing nails into a softball.
  • Watch pitcher’s mechanics – good pivot, back leg up, good stride with front foot and good drag of back foot.
  • Pitcher should be trying to keep the ball between the catcher’s waistline and chest area.
  • Also, pay attention to the rotation on the ball – the more rotation the better.
  • Pitcher should be throwing at 70-75%.