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Unlike the slow pitch variation, fastpitch softball is a very defensive-minded, pitcher oriented game. Coaching fastpitch softball requires an increased focus on drills for your infield and outfield, as well as the development of a competent pitching staff.

Pitching Drill: The Drop Ball from the Mound

drop ball pitching drill

In today’s video blog post, we are continuing to work on the Drop Ball Pitch, and throwing full out from the mound. In this pitching drill, your pitchers will work on the drop in and drop out, alternating between each. Pitching Drill: The Drop Ball from the Mound Begin with the feet on the mound,…

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Pre-Pitch Motion Pitching Mechanics

pre pitch motion pitching mechanics

The mechanical actions you take in your pre-pitch motion will determine the momentum you build for your pitch. In today’s video blog post, we break down the the elements you want to pay attention to in your pre-pitch motion. Pre-Pitch Motion Pitching Mechanics Because the purpose of your pre-pitch motion is to build up momentum…

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Speed Pitch Throwing Secrets: Walk Through Drill (with regular ball)

speed pitch

Speed Pitch: Walk Through Drill (with regular ball) In today’s video blog post, we are talking about How To Throw a Speed Pitch, and the mechanics involved in reaching your maximum potential speed.   Mechanics of a Speed Pitch Loose arm Timing the upper body and lower body getting the front side down getting a…

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Softball Pitching Part 1– Grip, Pre-motion & Footwork

Softball Pitching Part 1

Today, we’re going to be going over some very basic softball pitching mechanics for your fastball, as well as other pitches.   In Part 1, we will be talking about grip, pre-motion and footwork.   You’ll learn the proper technique to use, and how to incorporate them into your players style.  Hopefully this information can help you…

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Softball Catcher Plays – The Shift and Block

Softball Catcher Play - Shift and Block

Even for the fan that walks up and watches a fast pitch softball game for the very first time, it’s easy to see how important the catcher is. What seems like a very simplistic position is, in fact, very complex. I have previously talked about Catcher positions, and in today’s article, I am going to…

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