This is a [tag]girls fastpitch softball drill[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent to me. Try this out with your players tonight!Girls Fastpitch Softball Drill

From Warren…
A really cool [tag]softball drill[/tag] that has been working well for our team is the “catcher’s toss”.

I put a [tag]softball[/tag] on home plate or where home plate should be, and tell the girls to focus on the softball on the plate/ground.   Someone kneels down a few feet behind them clearing the bat’s path in the area of the catchers position, then toss tennis balls, softballs or wiffleballs across the strike zone over the softball that is on the plate or ground. When the batter sees ball cross the softball they have to react quickly, then hitting the ball into a hitting net.

This is a fun and challenging [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] for all age groups and it’s main purpose is increasing bat speed and explosiveness.