Pitching Mechanics and Fundamentals Necessary for Success

softball pitching

When it comes to fastpitch softball pitching, there are many various techniques and mechanics that need to be covered. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the basic mechanics and fundamentals. Windmill Pitching Style The technique that we’re going to use with regards to windmill softball pitching is supposed to be one of the…

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Video Tutorial: The Six Minute Speed Drill

During this video, you’ll learn about a great softball pitching drill called the Six Minute Speed Drill. This is an excellent drill to work on arm speed, leg drive, and overall powerful mechanics. For this softball pitching drill, you’ll need a person to feed you the balls as well as a person who’s timing (they…

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Simplifying Softball – How To Break Down Pitching Fundamentals

For many pitchers, the last part is often the toughest to master. Remembering proper wind up technique, how to finish off the pitch properly, and every other little technique they’ve been practicing all together while they execute the stride? It can be a little bit overwhelming. That’s why I love the Flamingo drill. It’s fun,…

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3 Fantastic Catcher Drills for Softball!

3 catcher drills for softball 2

Even for the fan that walks up and watches a fast pitch softball game for the very first time, it’s easy to see how important the catcher is. What seems like a very simplistic position is, in fact, very complex. But very few people understand the complex training that it takes to develop a great…

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Softball Hitting & Shadow Bunting


Shadow Bunting: What Is It? Shadow bunting refers to having a backup hitter doing what the on-deck hitter is doing. If you have a lot of kids that you are trying to work on bunting with, you can have your hitter shadowing your on-deck hitter and you can have a second on-deck person shadow bunting…

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