3 Softball Fielding Drills to Master Lateral Movement!

When working on softball fielding techniques, it’s important to include drills that work on lateral movement and pushing your fielders to the left or right.  This is a great skill buillder because you have to focus on pivoting while fielding, with both the left foot and the right foot forward. This is important because you…

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Windmill Pitching Drills for Beginners

In today’s video blog post, we are going to continue talking about windmill pitching, and some windmill pitching drills you can incorporate into your softball practice plan today! Windmill Pitching Drills for Beginners These drills will help work on muscle memory. So that when your pitchers actually do the circle in the open door position,…

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Fixing the Fundamentals of Hitting: A Video Tutorial!

This softball video will help you and your team learn how to fix the fundamentals when it comes to softball hitting. The first common mistake we’ll look at is overstriding. Overstriding is something for which everyone is looking a solution. In this video, you’ll learn various ways to help keep your players from making this…

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The Screwing Fast Ball Pitch: A Video Tutorial!

In today’s pitching mechanics video, we are breaking down a great pitch that is very easy for young pitchers to learn and it has good movement on it – the Screwing Fast Ball. Pitching Mechanics: The Screwing Fast Ball Pitch This pitch is very similar to the fast ball, with just a little bit different…

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Pitching Mechanics and Fundamentals Necessary for Success

softball pitching

When it comes to fastpitch softball pitching, there are many various techniques and mechanics that need to be covered. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the basic mechanics and fundamentals. Windmill Pitching Style The technique that we’re going to use with regards to windmill softball pitching is supposed to be one of the…

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