The Ultimate Softball Drills Collection

Attention Softball Coaches: Get instant access to more than 648 simple, fun and effective fastpitch softball drills for all ages and ability levels. Capture the attention of your athletes. Dramatically boost their skills. And start winning more ball games today!

Trash Can Relay

Purpose To help improve throwing accuracy and ability to get a ball from outfield to the infield. Set Up Divide players into two teams. Position one team in a line in right...

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Knee Pinch Drill

Purpose Helps prevent overstriding, while improving balance, rhythm and timing Set Up Place a batting tee and a ball directly over the plate. The batter sets up inher normal...

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Bobble Ball Drill

Purpose This drill teaches players to pick the ball up with the bare hand, which will save 1-2 seconds on the player’s throw. Set Up Player lines up in outfield. Instructions...

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Quick Hands Drill

Purpose This drill is all about learning to get into the throwing position as quickly as possible. Set Up Players sit on the ground with legs spread open. Instructions Each...

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Charge Ball Drill

Purpose This drill simulates a play when the game is on the line. There is no time to catch the ball two-handed. Player must field the ball onehanded to the side of her body...

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