This drill emphasizes fielding mechanics and being able to execute on demand. It is also a great conditioning drill.


Coach sits near third base with a bucket of softballs. Players line up to the outside of third base.


  1. Coach rolls the ball toward third base.
  2. Player fields the ball on the run.
  3. Fielder runs by coach and drops ball in bucket, then runs to back of line.
  4. Repeat as desired.

Coaching Tips:

  • Watch for good fielding form. Make sure players are hustling throughout the drill for maximum conditioning benefit.
  • Also, be sure to reverse the drill and go the opposite way, with players on the home sideof third base and running toward the outfield.

For Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize the importance of keeping their eyes on the ball during the entire fielding process. This helps in developing concentration and hand-eye coordination.
  • Practice footwork techniques for approaching the ball, ensuring they approach at the right angle for efficient fielding and transition to throwing.
  • Teach them to use both hands while fielding the ball, which provides better control and prepares them for more advanced plays.

For Older Athletes:

  • Focus on developing quick reflexes and agility. This can be achieved through fast-paced drills that challenge their reaction time and speed.
  • Work on smooth transitions from fielding to throwing, emphasizing the importance of minimizing time spent holding the ball.
  • Introduce variations in the drill, like rolling the ball at different speeds or angles, to simulate real-game scenarios and improve adaptability.