Players practice transitioning from the fielding position into throwing position.


Players line up along a baseline. The coach stands in front of them.


Coach says “Go” and the players quickly transition from fielding position with their glove on the ground out in front of their body into throwing position with the glove at their shoulder.


Players line up to practice fielding and throwing positions.

Coaching Tips:  

  • A right-handed player’s left foot would go where the right foot was as they turn their body and transition from fielding to throwing. This would allow the glove-side shoulder and foot to point toward the target.
  • The player should stay low and in a good athletic position throughout the transition. Players should imagine a roof over their head and keep their head below that roof. Popping their head up high will lengthen the throwing process, which could then lead to a runner being safe.
  • Another way to run this drill would be to have the players set their feet to throw to different locations – this could be to people you have standing at certain spots, to objects you have placed at certain spots, to bases and more.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Start with the basics of a good throwing stance, focusing on where to place feet and how to align the body.
  • Introduce drills that promote fun while learning, such as aiming at colorful targets or engaging in friendly competitions.
  • Provide continuous positive feedback, celebrating every improvement to build confidence.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Challenge them with drills that require faster transitions from fielding to throwing.
  • Focus on precision and consistency in throws, possibly integrating radar guns to measure throw speeds.
  • Encourage them to experiment with different throwing techniques to find what works best for their style and strength.