Teaches players how to properly field balls that are to their right or left.


Players line up 15 feet apart, simulating movement towards a ground ball on their side.

Players roll the ball back and forth, alternating their stance.


  • Players roll the ball back and forth, fielding it using a forehand technique. They should alternate between having their glove side foot forward and glove side foot backward.

Coaching Tips:

  • Practice this drill with both the glove side foot forward and the glove side foot back.
  • Ensure players maintain a deep knee bend, keep their back flat, and their bottom low during the drill.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Encourage focusing on hand-eye coordination. Younger players often struggle with tracking the ball into their glove. Drills that emphasize watching the ball all the way into the glove can be beneficial.
  • Teach the basics of footwork. Emphasize the importance of moving their feet to get in front of the ball, which helps in making cleaner plays.
  • Practice reaction time. Use softer balls and gently increase the speed of rolls to improve their reflexes and ability to react quickly to different directions.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Work on transitioning from fielding to throwing. Older players should practice quickly and smoothly transferring the ball from glove to hand, ready for a throw.
  • Emphasize agility and quick lateral movement. This will help in efficiently reaching balls that are farther away on their forehand side.
  • Incorporate real-game scenarios. Challenge them with unpredictable rolls or bounces to mimic actual game situations, enhancing their adaptability and decision-making under pressure.