Players practice their swing


The player sets up next to a tee.


  1. The batter gets into her normal stance and swings and hits the ball off the tee.
  2. The tee should be raised and lowered and moved to different locations to represent different types of pitches.
  3. Another way to run this drill is to hit to a specific zone in the field – middle, right side or inside (right-handed batter). The next progression would be for a partner to call out the zone to hit to as the batter strides
Player uses a tee to practice their swing.

Coaching Tips:

  • Players should strive to make square contact with the ball and to hit hard line drives off the tee.
  • The head should be kept level with eyes locked onto the ball. After the swing, the eyes should stay on the tee and not follow the ball.
  • Stress the three phases of hitting – the stride, the pivot and the swing. Maintaining balance throughout is a key to success.
  • With the tee drill you can use a standard bat and ball. You can also use a youth bat, a short barrel wood training bat, the thunderstick, golf balls, wiffle balls and more to change up the difficulty and emphasize particular hitting fundamentals over others.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize the importance of a balanced and stable stance before swinging. Young players often overlook their stance, but it’s crucial for a successful swing.
  • Encourage players to watch the ball all the way onto the bat. This improves focus and hand-eye coordination, which is fundamental for consistent hitting.
  • Have players practice their swings in slow motion to feel each part of their swing. This helps in understanding and improving the swing mechanics.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Focus on the proper rotation of the hips during the swing. Older players should be able to integrate their lower body strength to generate more power in their swing.
  • Stress the importance of a complete follow-through after making contact with the ball. A proper follow-through is essential for maximizing power and bat speed.
  • Teach players to adjust their swing based on the pitch location. Practicing hitting balls from different tee heights and locations helps replicate hitting different types of pitches in games.