Players work on getting their gloves out in front of their bodies to field ground balls.


Two players set up about 5-10 feet apart from each other. They are on their knees.

Players work on getting their gloves out in front of themselves.


  1. The players roll the ball to each other and work on fielding ground balls.
  2. As the drill progresses, they also roll the ball to each side so they can work on their forehand and backhand.
  3. After rolling the ball, the players throw the ball close to each other so they have to work on fielding it on the short hop.

Coaching Tips:

  • Players should be fielding the ball with their glove out away from their body and then bringing the ball and glove into the throwing side of their body after the catch.
  • When fielding ground balls, the players’ heads should be down and their eyes always on the ball.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  1. Teach them to keep their gaze steady on the ball from the moment it leaves the other player’s hand until it’s securely in their glove. This helps in developing concentration and tracking skills.
  2. Emphasize the importance of keeping the glove fingers down and the palm facing the incoming ball. This helps in creating a wider catching surface and reduces the chance of missing the ball.
  3. Guide them to align their shoulders and hips parallel to the direction of the incoming ball. This body alignment aids in more effective and balanced fielding.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  1. Train them to anticipate the ball’s path and adjust their body positioning accordingly. This enhances their reaction time and ability to handle unpredictable bounces.
  2. Focus on the seamless transition from catching to a throwing stance. This includes practicing quick footwork to get up from their knees and align their body for an accurate throw.
  3. Challenge them to field balls rolled at varying speeds. This helps in developing their ability to adjust their glove speed and body movements according to the pace of the ball.