Box Ground Ball Drill

In this defensive drill, players stand about 20 feet apart and roll ground balls to each other and then rotate, so they get practice fielding from the different positions.

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Triangle Pivot

Players will stand about 10 feet away from each other in the shape of a triangle, and work on their catch, pivot and throw in this drill.

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Body Blow

In this drill, players work on getting their body in front of the ball, and then picking up the ball and following through to make a good play, learning not to rush the process.

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knee up softball pitching drill

Knee Up Drill

This is a great drill that sllows pitchers to work from the knee up position on driving and pivoting. It also helps develop good balance.

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Flat Bat Softball Hitting Drill

Flat Bat Drill

This is a great drill for teaching the batter to hit "three softballs" - this means she should be swinging along the plane of the ball for a distance of three softballs. She should not be upper-cutting (pop up) or rolling over on the ball (ground ball).

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Backhand Drill

This is a great drill to practice fielding the ball with a backhanded catch - a critical defensive skill all infielders must master!

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