Tennis Ball Catch

Purpose Develops quickness and agility out of the batter’s box Set Up You can run this drill in the infield, or set up a home plate and first base in the outfield

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Trash Can Relay

Purpose To help improve throwing accuracy and ability to get a ball from outfield to the infield. Set Up Divide players into two teams. Position one team in a line in right

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Half Field Game Baseball Team Drill

Half Field Game (Left Side)

Purpose This game uses only the left side of the field (from the second baseman’s fielding position to the left field foul line) to set up specific baserunning and fielding situations

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long distance drive softball pitching drill

Long Distance Drive

Purpose Pitchers practice taking a good long stride toward home. Drill Setup Pitcher stands four or five big steps behind the pitching rubber. (45-50 feet) Catcher is behind home plate. How it Works

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One Knee Fielding Drill

Purpose This drill helps the player work on establishing a good base and fielding the ball out in front. Set Up Players line up in outfield. Instructions Coach slowly rolls the ball to

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Four Square

Purpose To practice fielding ground balls in a fun, competitive way. Set Up Divide team into groups of four. Make a square shape with each foursome. One player should be at each

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Dive Drill

Purpose To practice using a dive to catch fly balls or field grounders. Set Up In the outfield grass, have a fielder kneel about 15 feet away from the coach. Fielder has

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full swing with weighted ball

Full Swing with Weighted Ball

Purpose Pitchers develop forearm and wrist strength. They also improve timing of lower body and upper body. Drill Setup Pitchers stand at three-quarters of regular pitching distance (25-30 feet) holding a weighted

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half circle softball pitching drill

Half Circle Drill

Purpose Pitcher stands anywhere on the field with a ball and glove. Drill Setup Teaches pitcher to keep her arm in front of her so she doesn't hurt her shoulder when she

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knee up softball pitching drill

Knee Up Drill

Purpose Pitchers work from the knee up position on driving and pivoting. Also, helps develop good balance. Drill Setup Pitcher stands on the mound (3540 feet away) with a ball. Catcher is

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shoestring catch softball fielding drill

Shoestring Catch

Purpose Outfielders work on making the shoestring catch on balls hit in front of them. Drill Setup Player and coach stand roughly 10-15 yards apart in an open space. How it Works Coach

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the slice drill softball outfielder drill

The Slice Drill

Purpose Outfielders work on fielding a ball that is slicing away from them. Drill Setup Player and coach stand roughly 10-15 yards apart in an open space. How it Works Coach throws a

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walk through softball pitching drill

Walk Through Drill

Purpose Pitchers work on both mechanics and developing strength Drill Setup Pitcher at regular pitching distance (35-40 feet) holding a weighted ball. Catcher is in stance or sitting on bucket. How it Works

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Full Motion Softball Pitching Drill

Full Motion Drill

Purpose Pitcher practices her full throwing motion. Drill Setup Pitcher stands in front of the wall (or net or fence or catcher). How it Works Pitcher shows four dots (shoulder, shoulder, hip, hip)

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Pivot Hip Softball Hitting Drill

Pivot Hip Drill

Purpose Teaches younger players how to use the lower half of their body during their swing. Drill Setup Player stands at an angle to net. Coach kneels on opposite side of net.

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Hit Stick Softball Hitting Drill

The Hit Stick Drill

Purpose Teaches batter to hit balls in various strike zone locations with good fundamentals. Drill Setup Batter gets in normal stance. Coach stands to side holding the hit stick. You can purchase

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Full Circle Softball Pitching Drill

Full Circle Drill

Purpose Teaches pitcher to complete a full arm circle when pitching. Drill Setup Pitcher stands with a ball and glove. How it Works Pitcher starts with arm down, wrist cocked, fingers pointed toward

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