Helps players learn proper throwing and catching techniques.


Gather players, indoors or outdoors, with the coach and sit on the floor or ground. Each player should have a ball. Make sure the balls are okay to draw on. You will also need a variety of permanent markers in different colors (including black). You could also use washable markers but the color may rub off on the players’ hands.

Players use markers to add lines and designs to a ball.


  1. Players should use a black marker to draw a line around their ball. This will help show them in other drills that they’re using a correct or incorrect spin when throwing.
  2. Next, players can use the other colored markers to draw designs or color the rest of the ball. Players will then call out colors or designs when catching ground balls in drills. This teaches players to keep their head down and eyes on the ball.

Coaching Tips:

  • When throwing, players should grip the ball across the horseshoe seam; the black line should go around the ball in this area.
  • Players should draw a different design for each color, with the colors separated.
  • This is a great drill for a rainy day or the beginning of the season.