Players practice throwing fundamentals.


Divide players into pairs and set each pair up about 6-8 feet apart, facing each other. You will also need cones.

Players work in pairs on throwing fundamentals.


  1. Players get down on one knee (the knee on their throwing arm side).
  2. They put their throwing elbow in their glove and wrist snap the ball to their partner.
  3. Next, the players flex their wrist twice before throwing the ball overhand to their
  4. Next, players stand up and move 15-20 feet apart and throw the ball back and forth.
  5. Finally, set up two cones about 40 to 60 feet from the coach. The players take a few
    steps and throw to the coach.

Coaching Tips:

  • On the wrist snap, stress that the palm should be finishing down and not off to the side.
  • When players are throwing, stress accuracy. To improve accuracy they should have their eyes locked on the target, their head level and still and they should be striding toward the target.
  • On the long throws, players should be aiming at the coach’s torso. Make sure they are using good fundamentals. It can be easy to break down when throwing from a distance. If the distance is too long for some players, shorten it.