This drill focuses on improving players’ ability to field the ball on the run, using either their forehand or backhand.


Players position themselves 15 feet apart on the field.

Player ranges to her right to field the ground ball with her forehand.


  • Players roll the ball to the side of each other, requiring them to run a few steps to field it.
  • They practice using both their backhand and forehand to field the ball.

Coaching Tips:

  • Ensure players stay low with their bottoms down to field the ball effectively.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize the importance of eye-hand coordination: Focus on teaching them to watch the ball into their glove.
  • Practice footwork: Work on their ability to move laterally and quickly to the ball, emphasizing small, quick steps.
  • Develop basic fielding techniques: Teach them to use two hands for fielding the ball whenever possible for better control.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Improve reaction time: Focus on drills that enhance their ability to react quickly to the ball’s direction.
  • Advanced fielding techniques: Work on fielding the ball with one hand in situations where they need to extend their range.
  • Emphasize agility and balance: Incorporate agility drills to improve their ability to field balls while on the move, maintaining balance and control.