In today’s video blog post, we are continuing to work on the Drop Ball Pitch, and throwing full out from the mound. In this pitching drill, your pitchers will work on the drop in and drop out, alternating between each.

Pitching Drill: The Drop Ball from the Mound

  • Begin with the feet on the mound, as you would in a regular fast ball.
  • The set is the same as the fast ball, and you come just as you do in the fast ball.
  • As the arms come down, the back foot is going to drag in along with the back arm
  • When the hand reaches the hip, the pitcher is going to get up over the front foot.
  • The hand is going to rotate over, palm facing the catcher and a slight bend in the elbow.
  • You are then going to snap and rotate the hip, finishing right into the front of the right leg, with the fingers pointing back.


Important Points of the Pitching Drill:

** If the drop is inside, the pitcher is going to set her front toe towards the inside target.

** If the drop is outside, the pitcher is going to set her front toe towards the outside and adjust the angle of her pitch, but not changing anything mechanically.

Like any of the moving pitches that we throw, we don’t want to give it up to early. So you want to be sure to think Fast Ball during this pitch. A lot of young players try to throw these pitches right from the mound where they are getting over too soon or they are bending over too soon. You want to stand up tall and get the snap going at the hip.

Targeting is also very important in this pitch. The pitcher wants to visually look at lines of where she is going to throw the ball and where she wants to break it. You want the ball the break right in front of the plate.


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