Helps pitcher correct flaws in delivery.

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher stands on the rubber.
  • Catcher is behind home plate. (35-40 feet away)

Critique The Pitch Softball Pitching Drill

How it Works

  1. Pitcher goes through normal motion and throws the ball to the catcher.
  2. Coach critiques the motion and offers tips to correct any problems.
  3. Complete 2 sets of 10-15 pitches.

Coaching Tips

  • If ball is coming in too high or too low make sure pitcher is executing wrist snap at right time – when elbow brushes hip. If ball is high, pitcher is releasing the ball out in front of her body instead of at her hip.
  • Another cause of a high pitch is taking too big of a lead step.
  • If ball goes to the right side of the plate (from pitcher’s perspective) she may be slamming the door (pulling hip through) too soon.
  • If ball is going to the left side of the plate (from pitcher’s perspective) she may not be opening all the way which then causes her to pull across her body.
  • Causes of low balls include letting the ball go too soon (behind the body instead of at the hip) and leaning on the front foot (taking a short first step).