Pitcher stands anywhere on the field with a ball and glove.

Drill Setup

  • Teaches pitcher to keep her arm in front of her so she doesn’t hurt her shoulder when she throws.

half circle softball pitching drill

How it Works

  1. Pitcher starts with arm up in the air at 12 o’clock. Ball should be toward the front of the head.
  2. Arm is not locked. Elbow is bent and wrist is cocked.
  3. Pitcher then drops her arm so the elbow goes into waist and she executes a wrist snap sending the ball into her glove.
  4. Complete 3 sets of 10-15 wrist snaps.

Coaching Tips

  • Remind pitcher that a whip produces more speed than a stick as a reminder to keep arm unlocked.
  • When ball is above the head, pitcher should be able to look up with her eyes (without moving her head) and see it.
  • If the pitcher is bringing the ball back too far when it’s over her head, coach should stand behind her and put a hand on her shoulder so she is forced to keep the ball in front.
  • Another thing you can do is have the pitcher stand with her back to a wall. If elbow hits the wall, she is bringing her arm back too far.