Pitchers work on both mechanics and developing strength

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher at regular pitching distance (35-40 feet) holding a weighted ball.
  • Catcher is in stance or sitting on bucket.

walk through softball pitching drill

How it Works

  1. Progression 1 – Player hops over the cone leading with the throwing side foot (right foot Pitcher starts behind the rubber and walks through the drill, meaning she takes a step forward toward the catcher onto the rubber and then goes through her pitching motion.
  2. Pitcher throws the weighted ball to the catcher aiming for the chest area.
  3. Complete 10 -15pitches using the weighted ball.
  4. Next, pitcher switches to a regular ball and throws 10-15 pitches.
  5. Next, place a cone at the tip of the pitcher’s drag so she is forced to get her leg up early.
  6. You can also place the cone out farther if you want the pitcher to work on lengthening her stride.

Coaching Tips

  • The weighted ball can be purchased from a sporting goods store. Or you can make your own by driving finishing nails into a softball.
  • Pitcher should be throwing at 70-75%.
  • Look for a loose arm, good timing between upper and lower body, getting front side down, good, short wrist snap at the bottom of the pitching motion and good kick with the back side.
  • To ensure hips are opening properly draw line from rubber toward center of home plate and then make sure pitcher’s lead foot is landing at a 45 degree angle to that line.
  • When using cone at drag spot make sure pitcher doesn’t use a crow hop to get over it.
  • If trying to lengthen the stride make sure to stress to pitcher to bring her back leg through.