The mechanical actions you take in your pre-pitch motion will determine the momentum you build for your pitch. In today’s video blog post, we break down the the elements you want to pay attention to in your pre-pitch motion.

Pre-Pitch Motion Pitching Mechanics

Because the purpose of your pre-pitch motion is to build up momentum and speed for your pitch, ensuring the following mechanics are implemented properly will ensure your pitching success.

Breaking Down the Pre-Pitch Motion

  • Make sure the pitcher is balanced on the mound, with the feet a little more than shoulders-width distance apart.
  • The pitcher’s back toe should be up, and the front leg bent.
  • Bending at the waist, the upper body should begin to drive forward.
  • The weight should shift from the back side to the front side, and you should have a little bit of a drag through with the foot. This is going to get the pitcher up on the front toe, so that as they go to push out, they’re driving on that toe.


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