Fastpitch Softball Pitching Drills

Although this is from my [tag]fastpitch softball pitching drills[/tag], it is a [tag]softball[/tag] tip that can be geared toward pitchers (both young and experienced, fastpitch or slow pitch).   Pitchers have a tendency not to step toward their catcher–to stray so to speak.

For this particular [tag]softball pitching drill[/tag], I have a 4 by 4 plank, pointing directly at the catcher, that the pitcher stands on. She goes through her regular motion but must stay balanced on the plank after the release (she must start and finish on the plank…balanced).

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] helps pitchers realize the importance of staying balanced and in line upon release of the pitch. It helps secure the idea in their memory and their accuracy improves immediately.

The intent is for pitchers to transfer the importance of that direct step and balance when they pitch from the pitching rubber.