Speed Pitch: Walk Through Drill (with regular ball)

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about How To Throw a Speed Pitch, and the mechanics involved in reaching your maximum potential speed.


Mechanics of a Speed Pitch

  • Loose arm
  • Timing the upper body and lower body
  • getting the front side down
  • getting a good, short snap
  • a good kick with the backside


Speed Pitch Drill Tips

  1. Draw a straight line from the middle of the plate and make sure the pitchers foot is stepping at a 45 degree angle on that line. This is going to tell you everything about what her hips are doing — if her hips are in the way, she’s going to lose speed.
  2. Add a cone so the pitcher can work on getting her leg up early
  3. The cone can also be used to make sure the pitcher lengthens their legs on the stride, gaining more distance.


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