In today’s video blog post, I am sharing one of the first pitching drills that you want to do when you are working on the snaps for the drop ball. You are going to work from half distance, and your focus is going to be on the snaps and getting the body in the right position. You can then gradually work your way back to the mound.

Snap Pitching Drill for the “Turn Over Drop” Pitch

In this video, we are highlighting three different pitchers who each have a different body type, but are throwing the same pitches. You will notice that each is going to look a little different in the way that they throw, because of their body type. You want to take this into consideration when you are teaching this technique to your players.

A weighted ball is used for this pitching drill. A weighted ball is great to use for any drill that works on spins. This type of drill is very effective, especially with a weighted ball. You can really feel the dynamic snap in this pitch.

Breaking Down the Pitching Drill

For this drill, you are also going to use the split finger grip.

The pitcher is going to shorten up, about half distance to the catcher.

The pitcher stands on the power line, which is a line that goes from her back toe straight to her catcher, with her hips open and she’s just working a full circle. You are going to work on the palm of the hand coming in, just like fast ball, with a little bit of bend in the elbow, and she’s going to work on a tight snap.

The arm is in tight by the hip and we’re going to let the hand rotate and the hip immediately follows. And we are working on snapping this ball hard and down into the ground.

You want to snap the ball about half distance, down and into the catcher, feeling your two fingers get over the top of the ball and rotating all the way through, pointing at your right thigh.


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