This pitching drill is a transition drill, that can be done with either the regular ball or the weighted ball, with the pitcher throwing from a distance that is about ¾ of the length to the plate.

The pitcher is only going to throw at about 70-80% at this distance, and focus on working on her snaps. This is a great opportunity for your pitchers to also work on that down and in drop, as you really have to be aggressive in getting over the top of the ball and getting tight into the front leg.

The rotation you are looking for on the ball is over the top in a 12 to 6 spin as she gets over the top.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: The Walk Through Pitching Drill

A common issue you might see in pitchers while working this pitching drill, is that they might bring their shoulders forward too soon . You want to make sure the pitcher stands up tall, and first rotate the snap, and then let the shoulders come forward. Letting the shoulders come forward at the same time will often force a hand out in front of your hip. You don’t want your hand to get too far out in front of your hip on this pitch.

The pitcher should also be taking a shorter front step so that she can get the weight of her torso over the front toe. Her snap should be tight, with the arm kept tight into the body as well.

Be sure to pay attention to the back drag leg as well. The drag in this pitch is slightly different than the fast ball, in that you are going to keep the hips open, and then turn and as you do so, the drag stays out behind the back leg.

You aren’t in a big hurry to get into fielding position from here, although you do want to be sure to work on getting into fielding position after you’ve thrown.

Troubleshooting the Pitching Drill

If you have a pitcher who keeps throwing this pitch into the dirt, a lot of times it’s because they aren’t getting over the top of the pitch with their weight. To correct, you want to make sure the pitcher is bringing the palm of their hand right next to the hip, their weight is up and over the front leg, and they they are snapping and staying tight.

After you have completed around 10 repetitions, you can proceed to perform this pitching drill from behind the mound, using the regular ball. Now you will actually be simulating the pitch, as you throw at 90-100%, and you are walking through, stepping right onto the mound.


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