As you are [tag]planning fastpitch softball practice[/tag], try this [tag]softball drill[/tag] with a team who has many new players.   The following softball drill is to help the girls to learn each others name and to reinforce the using two hands when catching.

Have your team line up in two lines, facing one another approximately 10-15 feet apart with 8 — 10 feet between one another and staggered.

Have the first girl underhand toss the [tag]softball[/tag] to the girl across from her while saying that girl’s name.   The girl catching the ball catches on the back side of her glove, the back of the fingers and uses her throwing hand to hold it to the back of the glove.   If a girl drops a ball they do not pick it up.   The last player drops the ball in the bucket.   Count the number of dropped balls.

Have the girls switch places so they are throw to someone new.   Give incentives for a perfect round, no dropped balls.