In this drill, the pitcher works on arm speed and arm conditioning.

Set Up

  • Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away).
  • A coach or player stands nearby with a bucket of 20 to 25 softballs.
  • Catcher is behind home plate.
Pitcher throws pitches one right after the other in this fast-paced drill.


  1. Pitcher walks through her delivery and throws the ball to the catcher.
  2. Catcher drops the ball to the ground.
  3. Coach or player feeds the pitcher a new ball and pitcher throws it to the catcher.
  4. Drill continues until the bucket of balls is empty (20-25 pitches)
  5. Pitcher should be getting the next ball and throwing quickly.

Coaching Tips

  • The object of this drill is to go through it as fast as possible to fatigue the pitcher. If one bucket of balls doesn’t do the trick you can use another bucket or two.
  • Make sure pitcher is using her proper motion on each pitch – you don’t want her to go so fast that she develops bad habits in her motion.
  • This is a good drill for pitchers who think too much on the mound, it forces them to be quick and make physical adjustments on the fly.