Pitchers work on getting their back side driving, their front leg up and getting a long stride.

Set Up

  • Pitcher stands at three-quarters of regular pitching distance (25-30 feet).
  • Catcher is in stance or sitting on a bucket.


  1. Pitcher stands with hips open.
  2. She shifts weight onto her back leg and brings her front knee up into the air.
  3. She then drives toward her catcher and throws the ball.
  4. Complete 10-15 pitches from this distance
  5. Pitcher then moves back to the mound and throws 10-20 more pitches.
1. Shift weight back. Lift front knee up. 2. Drive hard off back foot toward catcher. 3. Release 4. Follow through

Coaching Tips

  • You could also set a cone in front of the pitcher to remind her to get her leg up.
  • On the mound, the pitcher should be using the rubber to get a good push toward home.
  • Upper body should be coming forward on the throw.