Pitcher practices throwing from the mound, focusing on her footwork.

Set Up

  • Pitcher stands on the rubber.
  • Catcher is behind home plate. (35-40 feet away)


  1. Pitcher goes through motion and throws the ball to the catcher.
  2. Catcher throws it back and pitcher repeats – going through her motion and throwing the ball to the plate.
  3. Complete 3 sets of 10-15 pitches
Foot Placdement Pitching Drill
Right foot in front of left
Foot Placement Pitching Drill
The windup
Foot Placement Pitching Drill
Pushing off and throwing to home

Coaching Tips

  • Pitcher should start with both feet on the rubber. If right-handed, right foot is slightly in front of the left.
  • Pitcher should push off the rubber to get more momentum behind pitch.
  • Pitcher should “shoot the gun” (make a gun with index finger and thumb) when following through.
  • Both pitcher and catcher should be making two-hand catches.
  • Motion should be efficient as possible – that means no rocking back or leaning forward.
  • If pitcher is not stepping straight forward, draw a line from front foot toward home and have them land on that line when throwing.